FibroLux Laser Therapy

FibroLux is a laser-based therapy treatment & the first photoceutical device approved by the FDA to help fibromyalgia patients manage pain.

Fibromyalgia causes chronic, widespread pain and tenderness in specific points on the body. This illness is characterized by muscular tenderness, pain, fatigue, and cognitive difficulties. This disease is typically treated with prescription medications; however, they only provide relief for approximately 10% of patients who use them. Thanks to new medical breakthroughs in laser technology, fibromyalgia can now be addressed with a device called MRM FibroLux. This system is non-invasive, FDA-cleared, and clinically proven. At Cohen Medical Centers, our protocol is 9 treatments (3 times a week, for 3 weeks)!


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What Is FibroLux Laser Therapy?

FibroLux is a laser-based therapy developed by Multi Radiance Medical. This system is the first photoceutical device approved by the FDA to help fibromyalgia patients manage pain. This is not a drug or wellness regimen; rather it’s a laser system that uses flashes of light to heal your body non-invasively.

How Does FibroLux Work?

FibroLux laser therapy works by blasting flashes of light into the skin at a speed of one billionth of a second. After an injury, nitric oxide can build up in cells to help reduce the pain response. But sometimes, it clogs the cells and prevents them from creating energy. This device effectively knocks the nitric oxide out of cells, quickening healing and promoting tissue regeneration. This alleviates the pain and inflammation caused by fibromyalgia.

FibroLux Treatment Results

FibroLux has demonstrated that it delivers safe and effective results that reduce fibromyalgia pain. In the clinical trial, the treatment has been shown to reduce the number of pain points patients have by 20% or more in 87% of patients. FibroLux has also been shown to cut patients’ overall pain ratings by more than half. Treatment times with this system last only a few minutes. At Cohen Medical Centers, a typical treatment protocol with FibroLux is nine treatments (three times a week for three weeks).

FibroLux Fibromyalgia Treatments in Thousand Oaks, CA

If you struggle with fibromyalgia pain, FibroLux may be right for you. This device is non-invasive and works quickly to address pain points and help you find the relief you deserve. To schedule an appointment, please call (805) 328-2513 or fill out the form below and a member of our dedicated staff will be in touch shortly.

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