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What is Chronic Fatigue?

Exhaustion and fatigue are normal reactions to intense work. Chronic fatigue can occur quite naturally when individuals push themselves too hard in pursuit of their goals. However, suffering from chronic fatigue issues is a different matter altogether. Patients who experience frequent bouts of exhaustion with no apparent cause may be experiencing a decline in testosterone, nutritional deficiency, or may be suffering from an underlying condition. When it comes to low energy, Cohen Medical Centers can readily provide both diagnostic assistance and help. Our IV infusions can be adjusted to fit your particular needs and effectively restore your energy.

Struggling With Low Energy?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a common diagnosis for those who suffer from extensive bouts of low energy. Though there isn’t just one cause of chronic fatigue, supplemental treatment options have been shown to improve energy in those dealing with the issue. By restoring energy to patients, doctors are then better able to determine the cause of their fatigue. This diagnostic process involves comprehensive consultations that Dr. Cohen can readily provide. At our Thousand Oaks center, our staff can assist in restoring energy through our IV infusion treatments and help get to the bottom of your concerns.

IV Infusions for Chronic Fatigue

Following testing and a complete evaluation of the factors contributing to your fatigue, our dedicated staff will provide you with treatment options to tackle the issue. Our IV infusion treatments are all FDA-approved and clinically shown to naturally elevate mood, increase energy, and improve overall well-being. B Complex and B12, Magnesium, and Vitamin C infusions can all be effective in providing you the treatment you seek.

Treatment Outcomes

The type of infusion chosen is highly dependent on specific patient needs. The Cohen Center offers various infusion-based medications that are highly effective in treating a variety of disorders. Infusions are administered in the office through an IV, under the close supervision of a registered nurse. Our infusion center is equipped with specially designed infusion chairs for maximum patient comfort. For greater privacy, we also offer patients private infusion rooms. IV infusions can provide effective relief for those suffering from chronic fatigue. Treatment outcomes depend on patient concerns and specific infusions chosen.

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Chronic Fatigue Treatments In Thousand Oaks, CA

If you are struggling with chronic fatigue, there is help available. Dr. Cohen and his expert medical team at Cohen Medical Centers are ready to help you through our line of effective IV infusion treatments. To learn more about our treatments please call us at (805) 449-8781 to schedule your consultation.

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