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What Is Pseudogout?

Pseudogout is a chronic condition that results from the local overproduction of pyrophosphate in cartilage which causes the deposition of CPPD crystals. It is not known why the body forms these crystals, but the cause may be due to an abnormality in the cartilage cells or connective tissue. The cause also may be due to genetics and age.

Episodes of acute pseudogout occur when CPPD crystals are shed from the cartilage. This can happen after surgery, from direct trauma to the joint, or from joint inflammation. It usually appears as the sudden onset of swelling, warmth and pain in one joint, typically the knee (in 50% of attacks), wrist, or ankle. The degree of inflammation may be less than that seen in gout. Multiple joints may be affected and the condition may be accompanied by fever. Joint inflammation peaks on day two or three and can last from 7-14 days with subsequent resolution.

A chronic form of arthritis can develop with pain and deformity. This usually develops in the knees, but any joint can be affected.

How Is Pseudogout Diagnosed?

It may be necessary to aspirate fluid from your joint to identify crystals and make the appropriate diagnosis. Also, standard x-rays can show CPPD deposition, especially in the wrist and knee.

How Is Pseudogout Treated?

Episodes of acute pseudogout are treated in the same manner as acute gout. Aspiration of the affected joint often provides relief. Chronic arthritis is treated symptomatically with medicines to decrease the inflammatory response. At Cohen Medical Centers, we offer an infusion center and ultrasound-guided joint injections to help manage your pain and improve your health.

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