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Experience the benefits of exceptional, individualized care from one of the world’s most highly respected rheumatologists. As a board-certified internal medicine and rheumatology specialist, Dr. Cohen has dedicated his career to providing relief to patients with chronic rheumatic diseases and musculoskeletal conditions.

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Regenerative Medicine

Holistic health

The Cohen Centers offers patients a comprehensive approach to health and wellness using customized treatment protocols that are scientific and evidence based. Our whole body approach addresses multiple organ issues, providing our patients integrative and regenerative medicine therapies for optimal recovery.

CONCERNS we treat

With a modern approach in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of rheumatological disorders, osteoporosis, and all forms of arthritis, Cohen Centers implements regenerative medicine, rehabilitation, and cutting edge techniques + technologies.

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Dr. Shariar Cohen

Founder, CEO and President

Shariar Cohen, M.D. is a board-certified rheumatologist known for his extraordinary dedication to patients and ability to diagnose complex conditions. Adhering to the highest standards of medical care, Dr. Cohen and his practice have become synonymous with excellence. He is a leading specialist in managing complex autoimmune disorders, enhancing patient care by relying on cutting-edge technology and medical research. Board-certified in both internal medicine and rheumatology, his holistic approach, leadership in clinical research, and knowledge of the latest scientific breakthroughs, allow him to offer patients superior care for rheumatoid arthritis, musculoskeletal diseases, and more.

Dr. Shariar Cohen
“Dr. Cohen has been my doctor for 10 years. He is truly a miracle. My quality of life under his care has drastically improved. If no one else can figure out what’s wrong with you and you continue not to feel well, he is the doctor that will figure it out.”
Shibolet T.


Quality comfort + care

Cohen Centers offer a comfortable and tranquil environment for patients who require frequent infusion therapy. Designed to be patient-centric, our outpatient facility features group and private infusion chairs in a warm, serene setting.



“The Kegel Throne”

A breakthrough in female incontinence, Emsella has helped countless women. Its non-invasive technology effectively stimulates the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in improved bladder and muscular control. For a tighter vaginal wall and decreased incontinence, learn more about Emsella.


Body Contouring

Reduce fat, build muscle and sculpt your body. Inducing powerful muscle contractions, Emsculpt gives you the definition and fat-burning effect of 20,000 crunches. To remodel your body’s inner structure, build muscle and sculpt your physique, schedule Emsculpt today.

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Return to Optimal Health

The Cohen Centers Physical Therapy approach utilizes a combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, acupuncture, body mechanics training, modalities, and patient education/ home programming to address common concerns and healing of workplace injuries.