Secret™ PRO RF Microneedling

We provide Secret™ PRO RF microneedling for acne scars, sun damage, stretch marks, and more.

Having undesirable skin concerns can leave us feeling down about our appearance. It can feel like no matter how hard we try to clear our skin, buy different oils and lotions to get rid of stretch marks, or try other concealers to hide our acne scars, nothing seems to do the trick. Thankfully with the advancement of aesthetic technology, we no longer have to wait around for a solution to our problems. At Cohen Medical Aesthetics, we offer the Secret™ PRO RF Microneedling by Cutera® to help you achieve your unique aesthetic goals. Secret™ PRO is an innovative approach to skin revitalization. Combining fractional CO2 laser technology and radiofrequency microneedling effectively penetrates the skin and delivers exceptional results.


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Secret™ PRO, Designed To Give You The Greatest Flexibility!

Secret™ PRO is designed to give you excellent flexibility by offering four signature treatment options, optimized based on skin concerns, desired downtime, and ideal treatment method. The procedures can be customized based on your needs, whether you are looking for rejuvenation to keep your skin looking young or for a more corrective treatment to reverse the signs of aging. Secret™ PRO uses radiofrequency microneedling, sometimes combined with CO2 laser energy, to treat various skin conditions. In just one session, this technology can leave a noticeable impact on the look and feel of your skin. The CO2 laser addresses the problems on the surface of the skin, while the RF microneedling goes deeper below the surface to tackle harder to treat conditions. 

What Does Secret™ PRO Address?

If you have been on the hunt for a skin resurfacing treatment that helps bring back the luster and integrity of your skin, you’ve come to the right place. Secret™ PRO offers breakthrough treatment options tailored to each patient’s needs, skin type, and downtime tolerance. It can address tough-to-treat stretch marks, post-surgical scars, and acne scars on the entire body. It’s ideal for patients with all skin types seeking rejuvenation and revitalizing aging skin with minimal to no downtime. Thankfully Secret™ PRO can address several skin concerns, including the following:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin Resurfacing

What Can I Expect During My Treatment?

Treatment will vary slightly depending on which type of treatment you choose, but certain aspects remain the same. Before beginning, one of our medical professionals will put numbing cream on the treatment area to ensure patient comfort. Once the cream has taken effect, your professional will move the handheld device across the location of the skin being treated. While this occurs, you may feel light pressure or warmth. No matter which treatment you receive, your sessions will not be painful. Patients with extremely sensitive skin may feel a light “pins and needles” tingling or slight warmth during their sessions.

Start Your Secret™ PRO RF Microneedling in Thousand Oaks, CA

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