December 17, 2019
how do you know if you have fibromyalgia

How Do You Know If You Have Fibromyalgia? 7 Signs You Should Seek Treatment

If you find yourself asking “how do I know if I have fibromyalgia,” you’re not alone. Every year, 10 million people in America will be diagnosed […]
October 30, 2019
signs of psoriatic arthritis

The Signs of Psoriatic Arthritis and How to Treat Them

Psoriasis is the most prevalent autoimmune disease in the U.S. that affects about 7.5 million Americans. Around 30 percent of those with psoriasis will develop psoriatic […]
August 2, 2019

Do You Have Scleroderma?: The Top Signs of Scleroderma

Scleroderma is a rare autoimmune disease that affects the body’s connective tissue causing health problems and discomfort for the patients that suffer.  Although it mostly affects […]
July 8, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Sjogren’s Syndrome Treatment

Every year, 4 out of 100,000 people are diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome. This represents 0.2% of the U.S. population. Sjogren’s Syndrome occurs 20 times more often […]
June 3, 2019

Living With Fibromyalgia: Tips For Improving Your Daily Life

Do your joints feel achy, tender or stiff? Do you get headaches, feel numbness or have difficulty sleeping and concentrating? Then you might have fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia […]
May 1, 2019

Vasculitis: Everything You Need to Know

Inflammation is our body’s natural response to stress and infection. Under normal circumstances, our immune system and inflammation are closely intertwined to fight off stressors, bacteria, […]
April 8, 2019

Fibromyalgia Treatment: 8 Helpful Ways to Alleviate the Pain

Living life with fibromyalgia can be a difficult path to walk, but it doesn’t have to be. As more of the medical community begins to accept and understand […]
February 18, 2019

The Complete Guide to Scleroderma

Scleroderma affects about one in a thousand people in the US, or about 300,000.  Even though this rare disease is not contagious, it can be life-threatening and frightening for […]
January 28, 2019

10 Common Symptoms of Osteoarthritis You Need to Know About

Pain is not just an inevitable consequence of aging. If you are experiencing increased joint pain, you could be one of the 30 million people in […]
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