Dr. Mahnaz Azimzadeh

Dr. Mahnaz Azimzadeh

Doctor, Weight Loss Specialist

Dr. Mahnaz Azimzadeh (Dr. Azim) earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Portland State University and graduate from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1996. She was one of 26 certified Pettibon Specialists internationally since 2006, specializing in work with the whole body. Dr. Azim prides herself in her ability to recognize and diagnose conditions that previously went undiagnosed. She utilizes this knowledge to educate and provide therapy. As a Pettibon doctor, she evaluates the body as a whole and treats it to be as healthy as it can possibly be.

Dr. Azim is also a trained and Certified weight loss coach with personal experience. She lost 20 lbs in a 2 month span and has been able to maintain her weight loss for over 2 years. Dr. Azim has had numerous radio and TV shows and has been interviewed for the past 8 years talking about how to become a “healthier you” by explaining one’s body structure and how extra weight can damage a spine and subsequently cause other diseases.

She also has invented a posture strap (patent pending), which helps correct your spine into upright posture and keep it in the configuration that it is suppose to be.

Dr. Azim has performed over 10,000 rehabilitation treatments. Her method includes getting to know her patients on a personal level such as their family background, job, stress levels, and eating habits to allow her to guide her patients on their journey to a healthier life.